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Tomatillo Plant

Brooks Garden of Learning


The garden is an outdoor classroom where students have the opportunity to enhance their understanding of what it takes to grow and maintain a vegetable garden.  This past Fall, students planted vegetables, watched them grow, and enjoyed the harvest during our lunch time pop-ups which consisted of smoothies, bok choy and cilantro rice from all of our fresh vegetables. The teachers and staff also enjoyed quiches made with vegetables from our garden. In addition, we have been lucky enough to have produce to host a farmers market with all proceeds going back into the garden. We are excited to announce that in February, we will bring back our Garden Club from years ago for interested 3rd-5th graders.  All classes will continue to participate in monthly lessons while getting their hands dirty through interactive, hands-on gardening activities. 

Farmers Market at Brooks

The first Brooks Bears organic Farmers Market on Thursday, January 26th was a huge success! Our garden is thriving and we are harvesting many delicious herbs and veggies.  We’ll be hosting several Farmers Markets throughout the year as quantity lasts and items are harvested.   We are eager to share our bounty with our school community and are looking forward to hosting more Farmers Markets!. 

Currently, a plethora of fresh herbs, kale, broccoli and Swiss chard, as well as individual family salad bags will be available. Please stop by and take some home to enjoy. All produce is free; however, donations are greatly appreciated to keep are garden program running and producing for our school!

Garden Pop-ups

The garden is producing a lot this year! Students have been treated at our Garden Pop-Ups, where they get to sample food made from the garden produce grown in the Brooks garden. So far they have had the chance to sample cilantro rice and kale, blueberry, orange, and swiss chard smoothies during lunch! 

The staff was treated to a quiche made with the our garden green onions, yellow onions, swiss chard, and kale.


Donations Needed

The William Brooks garden needs your help and is asking for monetary donations from those who are able to help out. Here’s a glance at what your generous garden donations will be used for. . . our first goal is to purchase spring plants, veggies, seeds for germination, tomato cages, and trellises for green beans. Additionally, we need to reinforce, and in some cases, replace our garden beds, which are old and falling apart. Our larger, long-term goal that we would love to make happen is to purchase decomposed granite to help ensure safety, sustainability, and accessibility to all. Our ultimate financial goal is to raise up to $2,500.00 to fulfill these needs and hopes for our school garden! If you are able to make a monetary donation, please click the button below and select a direct donation to "Garden."  Any and all donations are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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