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The William Brooks Annual Talent Show is one of the students' favorite events of the year. Students have the opportunity to show their creativity through performing in the talent show and/ or by displaying artwork. Unfortunately, we do not have anyone to lead the talent show and we will have to cancel the event if we do not have a volunteer by Monday, January 23. Please contact as soon as possible if you can help with this event so we don't have to cancel! 


When is the Talent Show?

  • Friday, March 10 in the Brooks gym, with one performance during school hours for all students and another that night for families and friends

  • Note: may be rescheduled if you can lead the event but cannot make March 10 work


What is needed to make it happen?

  • Planning for this event should start in late January or early February

  • Planning the event includes:

    • Budgeting

    • Holding talent preview and dress rehearsal

    • Coordination of performance (act order, script, décor, etc.)

    • Technical coordination (hire a DJ, collect music)

    • Marketing and promotion

  • The PTA will provide guidance for the lead(s) of the event and scripts, permission slips, brochures, logos, etc. that have been used in the past and can be modified for this year

  • The more helpers we have, the easier it is to plan and hold this event


What can I do to help?

  • If you are able to lead or help with this event or if you want more information, please contact Beth Lara at   If we don't have a lead for the talent show by Monday, January 23 we will cancel the event.

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