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The William Brooks PTA typically holds the Spring Fundraiser/ Gala each year. This is a fun, adults-only night where parents can have food and drinks while supporting the school through donations or by bidding on items in the silent or live auctions.


How does this event help the children, school and community?

  • The PTA has raised over $40,000 at prior galas.

  • This has helped support all of the programs and events that we hold for the kids each year.

  • If we can match that amount this year we will have enough funds to support our school next year and get a new marquee! 


Unfortunately, we do not have anyone signed up to chair or co-chair this event, nor do we have a team of volunteers to help. If we do not find people to fill these volunteer roles by Tuesday November 8 we will have to cancel this event.

When is the Event?

  • The event is currently scheduled for Friday April 28 at the school gym. 


What is needed to make it happen?

  • Planning for this event should start in early November.

  • It takes a lot of coordination and planning from a large group of volunteers. 


Who can help?

  • Everyone can help!

  • Have you attended the Gala in the past and want to attend again? Are you new to the school and want to see what the fun is all about? Do you have thoughts on how the event should look (fancy or relaxed, indoors or outside, full dinner or just appetizers, dance floor or bingo cards)? Do you have some hours you could volunteer to help support our kids? If so, we would love to hear from you! 


What can I do to help?

  • Read the descriptions below of the different roles that are needed to make this event a success and let us know which area you would like to be responsible for! Follow the link below and fill out the form to let us know how you are able to help so we don’t have to cancel this event! 

Become a Member: Get Involved
Volunteer Needs

Note that volunteers can help with more than one listed area if they have the time, or they can pair up with a friend. The more helpers we have, the easier it is to plan and hold this event!  

  • Event Chair(s) - planning and logistics of the event

    • Oversees the event from start to finish

    • Determine how to allocate money in budget

    • Maintains communication with volunteers

  • Event planner - handle the details of event itself

    • Coordinates with event committee

    • Contracts with vendors and businesses

    • Selects food and drink options

    • Sets up and manages silent auction during event

  • Corporate relations and sponsorships - get corporate sponsors for event

    • Identifies possible sponsors for event

    • Develops a strategy for acquiring sponsors

    • Delivers the promised benefits to sponsors

  • Procurement- in charge of gathering and organizing all items for the live and silent auction

    • Leads meeting to identify items to target for donation

    • Creates an item request letter to be sent out to possible donors

    • Works with a team to locate and gather items for silent and live auctions

    • Tracks all received donations

    • Package items together for auctions

    • Sends thank you notes to item donors

  • Volunteer coordinator - recruits and energizes volunteers

    • Works with all event committees

    • Identifies volunteer needs and figures out how to meet them

    • Communicates with volunteers

    • Organizes and delegates event night tasks

  • Invitations and Public Relations - gets the word out for event

    • Design invitations

    • Decides how to promote the event

    • Manages flyers, website, email, and social media communication

  • Guest Experience -make sure guests have positive experience supporting school

    • Signs up attendees

    • Coordinates registration

    • Coordinates admission, check-in and check-out

  • Décor - create the ambiance

    • Determine decorations based on theme

    • Coordinates décor

  • Entertainment

    • Determines and contracts emcee and auctioneer

    • Determines entertainment

For more information about the different roles or how you can help, contact Beth Lara at

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