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Welcome to our Square 1 Art info page!

What is Square 1 Art?
For the past several years, Brooks has participated in the Square 1 Art program. Each student creates a piece of art, and we send them in to the Square 1 company, which then sends back a catalog to each student full of items featuring the artwork, that can be purchased through an online order form.  The ordered items ship to the school and are sent home with students in time to become holiday gifts. This is traditionally a very successful fundraiser, supporting the purchase of Brooks' art program supplies for the duration of the schoolyear.

What will I find on this page?
Here you will find video tutorials to use to help Brooks students participate in Square 1 Art. Normally a volunteer would come to class to lead an art project, but for now we are doing our best to offer projects remotely. These projects can be done in the classroom, or at home, using the provided Square 1 Art paper supplied to each teacher for his or her class.  There are 2 art carts available (in the teacher's lounge) for teachers to borrow to complete the art in class as time permits. If a project must be completed at home, please contact Melissa Keyzer at melissakeyzer@gmail.com to arrange to borrow art supplies from the PTA if needed.

The following are links to YouTube videos that can be used to create your Square 1 project. You are also welcome to come up with your own project idea! Just remember to use bright colors, fill the whole space, and add your name and year to the artwork. Also remember that details near the edge of the paper may be cropped out by Square 1's processing, so keep the important details away from the edge. 

Start here!

Tutorial Videos by Grade-Level:

K - 1st Grade:

Bug Family Part 1

Bug Family Part 2


2nd - 3rd Grade:

Owl at Night Part 1


Owl at Night Part 2


4th - 5th Grade: