The William Brooks PTA supports our students with a variety of class-enrichment programs throughout the school year. We have helped fund programs including the Meet the Masters art program, Garden of Learning, Square 1 Art, Stepping Stones, Assemblies, and the Science Fair.


Follow the links below to learn more about our current programs.

Square 1 Art

For the past several years, Brooks has participated in the Square 1 Art program. Each student creates a piece of art, and we send them in to the Square 1 company, which then sends back a catalog to each student full of items featuring the artwork, that can be purchased through an online order form.  The ordered items ship to the school and are sent home with students in time to become holiday gifts. This is traditionally a very successful fundraiser, supporting the purchase of Brooks' art program supplies for the duration of the school year.

Garden of Learning

The PTA is excited to bring back the Garden of Learning Program this year! This is a wonderful program where we bring students to the garden in small groups so they can get their hands dirty while learning about all things garden. The lessons may cover topics such as planting, seasons for planting, vegetable/ fruit parts, composting, the water cycle, and native plants. 


This year's Garden Coordinator, Christy Calderon, along with a group of hard-working volunteers, have put a lot of work into the garden this year. It was in need of a lot of love as we were unable to host this program and keep the garden tidy for a few years. Thank you to Gillian Trumbull and Dr. Sean Roth DDS who sponsored the garden and to Cub Scout Pack 454 who helped us get the garden ready for our students.


Meet the Masters

We are excited to be able to offer the Meet the Masters Program to our students again this year! Meet the Masters teaches art appreciation through engaging, educator-led presentations.  The students learn about the history, cultures and lives of the Master Artists in a fun and engaging way and create their own masterpieces in the style of these artists.