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Welcome to our Brooks Square 1 Art Fundraiser info page!


What is Square 1 Art?


For the past several years, Brooks has participated in the Square 1 Art fundraising program to raise funds for Brooks student art supplies.  Each student creates a piece of art which we send in to the Square 1 company.  The company then sends back a catalog to each student full of items featuring the artwork, that can be purchased through an online order form. This is traditionally a very successful fundraiser, supporting the purchase of Brooks' art program supplies for the duration of the schoolyear. 

In mid-October you will receive your child's custom catalog featuring their art work!

Once Square 1 has added your child's artwork to their system, you can find it (along with their art from past years) by searching for your child's art using Art Search, and enter state, school name, and your student's name. Your student's art and code will appear along with ordering instructions.


Ordering deadline: November 6th!

Upload additional art if you like, using Art Upload!

If you have other artwork you'd like to get keepsakes of, or other children who would like to make artwork to order (they make great holiday gifts!) you can upload your own art from home! 


If you have questions, or need anything at all, contact customer care online .

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