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Recent News

We are so proud that some of our Brooks Bears had the opportunity to share our thriving garden with the local community on Good Day Sacramento!  Watch the full clip HERE. Thank you to Christy Calderon, Shelley Joyer, and all of the Garden parents and students for their hard work in making our Garden of Learning so newsworthy!

Garden on the news.jpg

The long-awaited shade structure is up!! The PTA raised money for the shade structure several years ago, but we ran into several road blocks in the process of getting the project approvals and installation. We are happy to report that our Brooks Bears will have some shade when they return to school in August of 2023!


Thank you to all who supported the PTA during the 2022-2023 school year! Our main fundraisers, the Jog-a-thon and the Spring Gala, were very successful. Using funds from those events and other sources, we were able to purchase a new marquee for the front of the school. We are happy to have this new addition to campus this year to keep the community informed about what is happening at Brooks!

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